Monday, October 15, 2012

Tagging strategies for crafty etsians

I thought I'd post today about etsy, because it's my bread and butter, in a yarny sort of way.
I've spent the morning redoing my tags and titles on a lot of etsy items, I'll let you know in a few days if it seems to have been effective.

If you're an etsian, you probably have noticed that they've redone their approach to tags. I never understood how those squishy rules about tags worked, and was afraid I'd tag- gasp- unethically. It seemed that you weren't allowed to use two or three word tags, and certainly had many restrictions on what types of inferences your viewers might make based upon your tag.

But with the new changes, I think it's easier and more sensible. Two and three word tags are allowed: I use "crocheted flower", "crochet flower" easy crochet flower", etc. This legitimately attracts shoppers to your item who might be trying to find...a crocheted flower!

My advice is to make targeted tags like this, even though they sound repetitive. Look at the keywords shoppers actually use to find your items, or items like yours. Make some targeted or specific, if your item is unique, and make some general.

Here's a super post about ways to make your etsy items more visible and successful: . A lot of those tips are ones you're probably already using, but like me, you might need a little kick in the pants to remember their importance.

If you'd like to see my original crochet designs on etsy,

click here
and you can also see them on Ravelry , a cool pattern site, and on
Amazon's Kindle Store

Have a super crafty day!

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