Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Weave a Scarf, Free Scarf Flower Pattern And Coupon For my Etsy Patterns!

Crocheting Friends, I've been maniacally working up new patterns! I have halfway written patterns for nature-based scarves, a very cool ruffled flower (see the photo above) which I'll give you the pattern for below, two horse appliques and a camel applique which was just a failed horse attempt, ha!! You can check out my new "Muscadine" scarf pattern which would work well with the "Woven Tie" treatment I'm going to show you below, AND type in "WINTER2012" at checkout at my My Etsy Crochet Pattern Store to get 16% off of any of your pattern purchases for all of those gifts you're making! I chose 16% because 15% sounded cheap, so there you have it.

I've been enjoying "Impeccable" yarn by Loops and Threads. It has such a nice feel, and you can fly when you work with it. It just wants to cooperate! You know what I mean. Kindof like wool feels, but that wonderful-to-work-with wool hates my skin, and my skin hates it. One of these nature based scarf patterns is worked in a grey in the "Impeccable" Line, you can see how it looks when it's all woven in that cool pinterest way (check out the photo below)

The first step in tying a winter scarf in this doubled over "Woven Tie" method is to fold your scarf in half and lay it across your neck, with the ends on one side, and the folded over loop on the other side (see below)
The next step is to draw only one of the ends through the loop which is opposite it.
(see below)
The third step is to stretch that loop part down so you can insert your hand and twist it halfway around
(see below)

And the last step is to reach across, grab the other end of your scarf, and draw it through the now twisted loop (see below).

You end up with a nicely woven neckwarmer, it has some interest and flair! Of course, I can't let it alone and have to top it off with a flower tie, (below) which I'll tell you how to make if you scroll down. 

You can do this "Woven Tie" treatment with any reasonably long scarf, and you can add the flower which is detailed below. BUT if you want the pattern for this ruffly-twisty-seaweedy scarf which I am calling my "Davy Jones" scarf because it's so macabre and'll have to wait until I write it up! It's supposed to look like something Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean would have worn, and it's also supposed to look like a natural form, maybe even a little like freeform crochet. But with a pattern.

So here's how to make this ruffly, thick flower, which you top off with two chained ends so it becomes a scarf tie (again, you'll have to get the pattern when I put it in my store, if you want step by step photos and a diagram):

Ruffled Davy Jones Flower
Start with a chain 3 and a join to form a small ring. This makes a tiny circle which will give you a little more working room, which is needed for the long double crochets. (here's a youtube video showing you a long double crochet stitch)
Rnd 1: Chain 2 and work a circle of 12 dc in the small ring just formed. Join.
Rnd 2: Work 18 long double crochet stitches, working completely over the 12 dc, inserting your hook into the center of the circle. Join.
Rnd 3: Ch 1 and work *(3 sc in next st, 3 dc in next st) around the circle, inserting your hook into the round below once again, which forms the distinctive holes in this flower. Join.
Either make your flower into a pin by sewing it to a pin back, or attach two lengths of 45 chains to either side of the flower to make it into a tie which can encircle a scarf and give it a floppy, flowery point of interest. 

If you would like the formal pattern for this flower or for its matching scarf, I'll hopefully have them written up and available soon.

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Have a super crafty Christmas and thanks for checking out my blog!