Thursday, March 28, 2013

My best crochet tip for cool Spring and Summer Baby Hats!

You guys, this is the best tip I have for making baby hats in the summer which are COOL, airy, and great for the beach, no matter what pattern you use:

You don't want fuzzy yarn in the summer! Just thinking about putting a fuzzy warm yarn hat on at the beach makes me itch all over! Well, it makes your baby itch all over too! (Lisa, you know what I mean!) So what do you do, suspend crochet till fall? NO! Here's the best way to make a summer baby hat which is cool: use crochet thread!

What do I mean by crochet thread? I mean the balls of no. 10 cotton crochet thread like the ones you see in the photo above. No. 10 Aunt Lydia's is great, any brand which has a non-fuzzy feel to it, and a tiny strand. Double up, crocheting with TWO strands, not one, and don't use a steel thread crochet hook, but keep it speedy with a size H, I or K aluminum crochet hook.

If the pattern calls for baby weight (sport weight, or number 3) yarn, use these two strands, and keep the hook the same size as the baby pattern normally calls for. Do check your gauge: make sure that a few rounds with your crochet threads and hook are the same size as the same rounds with your baby yarn and hook.

A caveat: the hat will be less stretchy, and the work will look more airy and open. Shell stitches, double crochets, and granny square hats are good for this summery technique. You may want to choose a pattern that has a tie under the chin, and you may also need to starch any brims. But the payoff, oh my! A baby hat that is just a little like a straw hat. Quick to dry, good for air flow, good for a tiny bit of sun protection (not much).

This was the idea I pursued in my various summer baby hats:
Here's a double crochet hat worked this way: Cool Thread Crochet Hat on Amazon

A granny square hat: Brimmed Granny pattern on etsy

And my hat collection which includes both of the above:

BUT, crochet your own patterns this way, and see how cool crochet can be for summer!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm so happy that my baby hats are revised and all collected in the same place!! Here they are on etsy, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble .

I only have one more little hat that's trying to get out of my head and on paper, and after that I think the next ones up are animals and scarves that have been lying around, their patterns halfway written. Sad!!

Thanks for looking, and have a super time with all your projects!!

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