Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crocheted Kitty with Santa Hat and Please Test my Horse design!

My Kitty Comes with a Teeny Tiny Santa Hat! Here's the pattern on etsy, and it's coming out in the next two days on Barnes and Noble's Nook Store and Amazon's Kindle Store. I'm so happy!
I've been trying to finish my pony and bunny appliques and lots of other stuff, but I can't seem to get them done! Actually the pony should be out this week too, but only as an ebook, not for sale on Etsy : ( 
If you want to see my ebook patterns you can

The farther into winter I get, the more I want to crochet scarves and shawls! But I'm trying to finish what I have which is halfway done. Ha!

The first three people to send me a note can get this pony applique pattern for free, if they'll just - ahem - proof it one more time for me!! I need testers! Do send me an email to susanlinn @ (you have to take out the space) rather than just commenting, I can let those comments sit without noticing them.
Anyhoo, here's the pony:
Best wishes to all, and thanks for your kind notes and interest!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Weave a Scarf, Free Scarf Flower Pattern And Coupon For my Etsy Patterns!

Crocheting Friends, I've been maniacally working up new patterns! I have halfway written patterns for nature-based scarves, a very cool ruffled flower (see the photo above) which I'll give you the pattern for below, two horse appliques and a camel applique which was just a failed horse attempt, ha!! You can check out my new "Muscadine" scarf pattern which would work well with the "Woven Tie" treatment I'm going to show you below, AND type in "WINTER2012" at checkout at my My Etsy Crochet Pattern Store to get 16% off of any of your pattern purchases for all of those gifts you're making! I chose 16% because 15% sounded cheap, so there you have it.

I've been enjoying "Impeccable" yarn by Loops and Threads. It has such a nice feel, and you can fly when you work with it. It just wants to cooperate! You know what I mean. Kindof like wool feels, but that wonderful-to-work-with wool hates my skin, and my skin hates it. One of these nature based scarf patterns is worked in a grey in the "Impeccable" Line, you can see how it looks when it's all woven in that cool pinterest way (check out the photo below)

The first step in tying a winter scarf in this doubled over "Woven Tie" method is to fold your scarf in half and lay it across your neck, with the ends on one side, and the folded over loop on the other side (see below)
The next step is to draw only one of the ends through the loop which is opposite it.
(see below)
The third step is to stretch that loop part down so you can insert your hand and twist it halfway around
(see below)

And the last step is to reach across, grab the other end of your scarf, and draw it through the now twisted loop (see below).

You end up with a nicely woven neckwarmer, it has some interest and flair! Of course, I can't let it alone and have to top it off with a flower tie, (below) which I'll tell you how to make if you scroll down. 

You can do this "Woven Tie" treatment with any reasonably long scarf, and you can add the flower which is detailed below. BUT if you want the pattern for this ruffly-twisty-seaweedy scarf which I am calling my "Davy Jones" scarf because it's so macabre and'll have to wait until I write it up! It's supposed to look like something Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean would have worn, and it's also supposed to look like a natural form, maybe even a little like freeform crochet. But with a pattern.

So here's how to make this ruffly, thick flower, which you top off with two chained ends so it becomes a scarf tie (again, you'll have to get the pattern when I put it in my store, if you want step by step photos and a diagram):

Ruffled Davy Jones Flower
Start with a chain 3 and a join to form a small ring. This makes a tiny circle which will give you a little more working room, which is needed for the long double crochets. (here's a youtube video showing you a long double crochet stitch)
Rnd 1: Chain 2 and work a circle of 12 dc in the small ring just formed. Join.
Rnd 2: Work 18 long double crochet stitches, working completely over the 12 dc, inserting your hook into the center of the circle. Join.
Rnd 3: Ch 1 and work *(3 sc in next st, 3 dc in next st) around the circle, inserting your hook into the round below once again, which forms the distinctive holes in this flower. Join.
Either make your flower into a pin by sewing it to a pin back, or attach two lengths of 45 chains to either side of the flower to make it into a tie which can encircle a scarf and give it a floppy, flowery point of interest. 

If you would like the formal pattern for this flower or for its matching scarf, I'll hopefully have them written up and available soon.

To see more of my original crochet design work, check out my Etsy Pattern Store or my Kindle- and Nook-friendly patterns on Amazon  or Barnes and Noble

Have a super crafty Christmas and thanks for checking out my blog!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tagging strategies for crafty etsians

I thought I'd post today about etsy, because it's my bread and butter, in a yarny sort of way.
I've spent the morning redoing my tags and titles on a lot of etsy items, I'll let you know in a few days if it seems to have been effective.

If you're an etsian, you probably have noticed that they've redone their approach to tags. I never understood how those squishy rules about tags worked, and was afraid I'd tag- gasp- unethically. It seemed that you weren't allowed to use two or three word tags, and certainly had many restrictions on what types of inferences your viewers might make based upon your tag.

But with the new changes, I think it's easier and more sensible. Two and three word tags are allowed: I use "crocheted flower", "crochet flower" easy crochet flower", etc. This legitimately attracts shoppers to your item who might be trying to find...a crocheted flower!

My advice is to make targeted tags like this, even though they sound repetitive. Look at the keywords shoppers actually use to find your items, or items like yours. Make some targeted or specific, if your item is unique, and make some general.

Here's a super post about ways to make your etsy items more visible and successful: . A lot of those tips are ones you're probably already using, but like me, you might need a little kick in the pants to remember their importance.

If you'd like to see my original crochet designs on etsy,

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Have a super crafty day!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Piles of Messy Curls, strangely wonderful to make!

My New Curly Vines Muscadine Scarf . This is one I was talking about in this blog a few weeks ago, and the pattern is finished and on etsy at the link above.

I have some people testing it still, but so far so good with this messy pile of curls scarf. I love it!! It looks like seaweed or vines, irregular and ruffly yet not too too feminine. And it's not just a bunch of strands that you have to untangle and deal with, the strands are linked together as you work, so that the end result looks like a piles of chained ruffles, but is actually a netted whole. The best way to wear this messy scarf is to double it and thread the ends through the loop formed, but I'm thinking about making a chunky beaded band to tie it with.

I'm not sure why I'm liking more "messed up" or irregular natural shapes, but they are speaking to me lately. Maybe the aesthetic is 'imperfect, but beautiful" or "damaged, but beautfiul", and I'm liking either. Many times crochet is too perfect, too regular, too uptight. That's why freeform crochet fascinates me, as do irregular designs like this. Got another one on the way!!!

I'm finding that obsession with particular forms or themes in art and design is perhaps not good for mental health, but very good for the creative process. Who knew? (Besides every tormented artist out there) Here's hoping you find your theme!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Get a Super Size Hook for Super Fast Scarves!

This is one of my Etsy Store Scarf Patterns , but I'm going to tell you its secret here: use a huge crochet hook!! the battery in my camera is dead, so I can't snap a photo of my big N size hooks, but there they'll be in the crochet section of your craft store, and I'm going to try to persuade you to get your hands on one! (No, I don't sell crochet hooks, ha!)

An N hook is 9 mm in width, almost a centimeter, which is really really chunky. At first, it's quite unwieldy and might tire out your wrist as you work. 

So why use this monster hook? SPEED! The great thing is that for a scarf or shawl, it makes your work go so quickly!! The pattern above only took an hour or so to make, and I'll give away my secret and tell you right here that you'll get a similar effect if you just make a classic shell stitch in that super large hook. A soft slinky yarn helps, too. 

Another benefit of stepping up to that huge hook is that when you super size your hook, you also update the look of that homely crochet stitch, whatever it may be. Not every crochet pattern for a scarf or shawl will work with an N size hook (my patterns which use an N hook are designed to work out well), but you can use your judgment and translate many ordinary stitches for a plain rectangular object into these large lacy interpretations. 

So go big!! It's awesome!

If you would like to see my crochet patterns, you can visit my Etsy Pattern Store or check out my Amazon Kindle Store pattern ebooks. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ridiculous Workspace

Wow, I think I need to spend a couple of weeks organizing. It's embarrassing, I'm even embarrassed when I'm just sitting in this trying to work.

I've reached the conclusion (like lots of people who write articles in magazines) that a messy workspace keeps me from getting anything done. A dedicated room would be nice, but I hope to show some improvement in making my corner of the kitchen work for me. If someone renting a micro apartment which totals 150 square feet can make things work, so can I.

I'm going to start by setting modest boring and responsible goals (like keeping up with listings and communicating), then I'll add back in the fun creative tasks, as they get untangled. It's way too much, I'm living proof that too many choices paralyze a person!

I hope to make my next two posts about two patterns which are almost written!!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beautiful long crochet stitch

I'll have to do a post on a lovely afghan crochet pattern that a sweet elderly lady gave to me perhaps thirty years ago. An element included has been one which has stuck with me is what I'm going to describe in a word or two.

You can see the stitch in my little birdie pattern above (it's on my etsy pattern store ) if you're interested. The crochet stitch which covers the body of the little bird with those threads reaching down into the middle is what I call a "long single crochet" stitch, a single crochet stitch in which you insert your hook NOT into the top of the stitch right below it, but INSTEAD reach your hook way down into a previous round and, adjusting the tension of your working thread to accomodate this extra bulk, finish up your single crochet as usual (yarning over etc). Here's my youtube video showing how this is done.

When you're working in thread, it seems especially fun, transforming nubby little rows of knotty looking stitches into a more baskety, thready-looking textile. Yay! 

My dad burst out laughing when he saw this little bird, he said it looked like a pair of lips. So please don't repeat that to me, I much prefer the little bird interpretation, ha!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Crochet Pattern Fall Maple Leaf Garland, simple and beautiful!

I'm going to give away the basics of this pattern (scroll below), but I finally finished My New Maple Leaf Garland pattern, and am both listing it as its own pattern (on sale for around $2) and also including it as an extra in my Fall Leaf Pattern Set, which is a collection of three simple but graceful leaf applique patterns and now TWO garland or scarfette patterns, one an ivy or simple leaf motif, and one this little maple leaf garland, worked in a long interconnected chain. The pattern comes in pdf format, with a key to abbreviations, materials list, a helpful visual diagram, and of course the instructions, with lots of step-by-step photos. As always, this and every pattern I sell comes with the understanding that you have my explicit permission to sell items made from this design, but do not sell the photos and text of the pattern itself, as it's my own copyrighted design.

I'm trying, in the spirit of sharing (!)  to post the general idea of this pattern, so that those who wish can create it on their own, and those who need the diagram and more detailed instructions can buy it with the first link above. Read on below for the how-to, in prose instead of standard crochet instructions (ha!)

Here's the concept, for those of you who don't need to buy a pattern:
Form a circle of 12 dc, then on the second round, begin three triangular leaf tips, each which are formed on two of the base dc's from round 1, each formed of (sc, dc, picot, dc, sc) --in the case of the smaller leaf tip on the left and right or (sc, dc, tc, picot, tc, dc, sc), --in the case of the larger leaf tip at the top. When you've finished those three leaf tips, continue on to slip stitch until you reach the bottom center of the leaf. At that point, ch to a desired length, from a few chains for a tight, leaf packed garland, to 20 or 30 chains for a garland with more space between leaves. Then start on your next leaf and carry on as long as you wish!!

I have my own particular way of inserting a decorative stitch which looks like a vein in the leaves, and my own way of making the leaves stay flat on the chain and also sit at varying angles, but if you want those secrets, you'll need to buy the pattern! I'm such a stinka!! (As Bugs Bunny used to say).

I love this Maple Leaf Garland for home decor in particular, it's a wonderful, homey and humble alternative to those fru fru silk leaf arrangements that you put on your table or around dishes. And when you use it to create a scarfette, it's nice to work it in either crochet thread (no. 3) OR baby thread and a size D hook, inserting 20 chains in between leaf motifs instead of 5. I need to add a picture of this concept, it's mentioned in the pattern, but not pictured.

I want to cruise etsy and have fun with crochet today, but might have to paint and get ready for Oil Landscape class that I teach tomorrow. Not enough time!!!

Here's hoping your crochet projects bring you happiness and calm those restless hands!

------- <3  <3  <3

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free Simple Leaf Crochet Pattern - The Leaves are Falling Soon!

I thought I'd post a link to my super easy "Simple Leaf" pattern , as well as the crochet diagram.

I really like designing leaves that are based on a double crochet circle! For some reason, they look more balanced and full than a design based on a chain foundation. I'm really proud of my Maple Leaves and Ivy garland that are bundled with this Simple Leaf in my Fall Collection which is $5.50 on Etsy (it's a pdf download that I email to you.) But....FOR NOW, the simple leaf part of the set is yours with my compliments. (In case you missed it, the link to the free pdf is way up at the top of this post.)

I'm noodling out another maple leaf based garland which is even more fun and has a pretty decorative stitch in it, check back later here and on my etsy crochet pattern store to see it when I get it done!

I'm going to have to show you guys the paper mache  cow skull which has been taking up all of my time for the last week! Our drama department at West Forsyth is putting on "Into the Woods" and my questionable paper mache skills have been put to the test. But I think it's really cool, I'm kind of proud of those results too. However, I'm paying a price at home; now my kids and husband are labeling me officially "creepy", what with cow skulls (a real one, complete with jaw!), dead plants, bunches of sticks passed off as floral arrangements, and as my daughter put it, a creepy "basement where someone could live for a month and we'd never know it." Honestly, I'm feeling that you have to pay a price for your art, and if they think I'm creepy, so be it. Hah!

Show me what you've been working on, and as always, let me know if you're willing to test my upcoming designs! I need a couple more people!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Curly Scarf, Ruffly Scarf, Ginkgo Leaf Scarf...

I've been going nuts with new ideas and can't get them down on paper...or on a Word document, actually. It's like when you're thinking things so fast, and your words can't keep up. I have to finish a bunch of prototypes, and I do need testers, so let me know if you can test drive one of these upcoming ideas!

Above, yet another iteration of the curly scarfette I was showing you in the previous post...I need a name for it! It's curly, it's like seaweed, it is inspired by nature, but yet it can look like guts. Hm. "Seaweed scarf" and "Pile of Guts" scarf are NOT in the running, and here I am ruining your impression of this FAVE scarfette of mine! Ruffly, wavy, gentle curls, auuuuughhhh!!! Help me, momma!
BTW, like me on facebook, I'm probably going to talk more there than here, eventually. : )

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Curly Seaweed Crochet pattern - statement scarf, coming up soon!

I am utterly obsessed with designing this pattern. LOVE LOVE LOVE the texture, and can't stop making them long enough to perfect the pattern. What the scarf most reminds me of is ruffly strips of seaweed, graceful and curly. Just wanted to show you what I've been working on; I'll post a link to it after I get the pattern finished, so if you'd like to be a tester, let me know!

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

SUPER EASY 4 ingredient cobbler or crisp

Okay, I know this is a different post for a crochet blog, but, I'm SURE that anyone who likes yarn also likes comfort food and cobbler in particular. And my thinking is that anyone who is addicted to yarn and design like I am has no time for complicated recipes. I should probably call this a "crisp" but I like the word cobbler more, ha!

The cool thing about these cobbler directions is  1) That you use whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have: sliced apples, sliced peaches, frozen cherries, etc.
                                                                         2) That you are NOT to MEASURE anything!! That's how I teach my kids to make muffins, pancakes, white sauces, etc. That's how my mom taught me to make a white sauce or gravy, that's how my dad taught me to make pancakes and cornbread, and that's how I'm going to teach you!!!  You just make a good guess about amounts, it works fine, and you end up getting a feel for what a batter or dough will look like.  Important in all this (for me) is to use self-rising flour when you make all of your non-measured batters and doughs, because this simplifies.

Here goes:


1. Place a layer of fruit pieces (fresh or frozen peaches, apples, cherries, etc) in the bottom of a glass dish (any size - what you see above is an individual dish; however a glass pie pan is great, too.

2. Use flour, sugar and butter for a crumbly mix which will be used both as a thickener and a topping. If you must have an idea of amounts, here goes: for a pie dish, use approximately a cup each of flour and sugar; for a single individual dish, use a couple of tablespoons of each.

Mix together in a bowl equal parts of self-rising flour and sugar. To this mixture add about half as much soft butter or shortening. Cream the mixture, mixing it till it is crumbly. (In other words, you could use about a cup of self-rising flour, a cup of sugar, and half a cup of soft butter).

3. Toss half the crumbly mix with the fruit to thicken it during baking, and use the other half to top it. If desired, sprinkle a little granola on the topping.

4. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.


Now you have more time for crocheting, like me! I'm working on scarf patterns, hopefully you'll see them soon on this blog!

If you're interested in my original crochet designs (as in patterns), check out my various pattern stores below! Thanks for looking and happy summer!!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Chameleon Pattern inspired by Pascal!

This little guy is my tribute to little Pascal, even though it's a bit different. What fun, this little applique takes only 20 or 30 minutes to make, tops, and the flowers are even faster. I'm about to publish one of the flower patterns for free, but for today, I'm just introducing the New Pattern for Chameleon and Flowers Wall Hanging on etsy . We were driving back from the beach, and true to form, I was doodling with a crochet hook. I didn't think Scott was looking, but when I was done with the shape of the little guy, he said "Make him with an eye that sticks out." Genius!

Oh, and my Shannon said, "Make a tongue! Make a tongue! With a fly!" "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" That's her squealing. I must admit that was a darn good idea. So, it's really a collaborative effort, as you see. But truly a delight to make for your favorite chameleon fan, young or old. 

Actually I need to put these on a child's purse or pencil case, that's really what they're begging for. 

For lots of darling, easy, fast crochet designs...

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little Crocheted Jug project from the 70's! Free Crochet Pattern

Remember These? I remember my big sis making a milk jug bag in Camp Fire Girls...I think it was a lot like this! So much fun!! Here's how you make it (these are my only instructions, for now...this one doesn't exist as a pattern by me - yet) :

Materials you will need: 

  • plastic milk jug or 2 liter bottle (to cut in half)
  • single hole hole punch
  • size For G (3.75 or 4.00 mm) crochet hook
  • scraps of yarn in medium weights
  • heavy scissors for trimming jug and yarn

1) Cut a small milk jug or a 2-liter soda bottle in half; wash out and trim carefully so your edge is smooth. You'll be using the bottom for the base of your drawstring bag.

2) Using a single-hole hole punch, punch regular holes approximately 1/4" from the edge, 1/4" apart, all around the edge.

Now the fun part:

3) Single crochet around the jug, using the holes to work in instead of chains. When you get back to the beginning, just continue on in a spiral, so your work has no seam. Change colors a few times for an exciting design!

4) When you've reached a cylindrical shape approximately 5-6" high, work a round which will serve as a drawstring casing: work (dc, skip 1 sc, ch 1) around and join.

5) Finish off by chaining or braiding a 20 to 22" long drawstring and weaving it through your casing. Knot its two ends together and you're done!

You have to fill your little drawstring jug with marbles, or shells, or treasures!! Delightful! I'm so happy!!!!!

To see more of my cheery patterns, read on:

Thanks for checking out my patterns! To see more, you can visit my Etsy store, check out my crochet blog or facebook page to find free tips, small patterns and inspiration, or see my Amazon Author Central page to see my patterns on the Kindle ebook store. Have a great time with your crochet!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Free Picnic Table Decor Idea, Fun Cutlery Holder!

My New Picnic Table Cutlery Holder Project Sheet is on Etsy!'s so simple I'm going to describe it for you here so you really don't need the pattern unless you'd like to buy it for the photos and details. Fun! It's intended as a way to use scrap yarn and items you have lying around to make a sweet container or gift box.

Here's what you do, for those of you who don't need the details and have flower and star patterns you can already use: 

Choose a straight walled container to use, like a coffee pot or an empty plastic ice cream bucket.

Then make a crocheted dc and chain sleeve for it:

In medium weight yarn crochet a length of chains which circles your container of choice and just touches. Work rows of dc-and chain lattices *(dc, ch 1, skip next st) , joining at the end of each round and stepping up with a ch-4 for each new round. 

Top it off with a row of sc and use it to encircle your bandana-wrapped container. Tuck any extra bandana fabric to the interior of small pots, or let the extra fabric hang down for larger pots/buckets.

I like to crochet little motifs like stars and add them to these picnic pots for a decoration.

If you'd like the actual pattern for this, with materials, details, lots of photos, the star pattern, etc, you can click here to buy it for $2.20 on etsy but if you just want to duplicate it from my instructions above, be my guest! It's also available instantly as a download on Ravelry .And check out my various pattern stores below! Thanks for looking and happy summer!!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Super Fast Summer Bandana Bag Pattern!

My New Easy Bandana Bag Project is on Etsy's so simple I'm going to describe it for you here so your really don't need the pattern unless you'd like to buy it for the details. Fun! P.S. Use "SUMMER2015" on Etsy to save 25% for the rest of THIS SUMMER!!!!!

Here's how it goes: Use a yarn needle and medium weight yarn to work a running stitch in a circle which almost touches the edges of your bandana. 
Next work a "casing" of sorts of (ch,dc) all the way around, worked on the yarn stitches.
Then form a drawstring strap or length of chains which is about 45" long and weave it through your dc casing to pull your bandana purse shut. Tie the ends of the chained length together and you're ready to add a crocheted flower, buttons, whatever you want.

Perfect for summer, for the beach, for use as a gift bag, a child's present, whatever you can think!! I'm going to hang them on the end of a picnic table to hold plastic forks, YAY!!

If you'd like the actual pattern for this, with dimensions, details, photos, the flower pattern, etc, you can click here to buy it for $2.20 on Etsy. But if you just want to duplicate it from my instructions above, be my guest! And check out my various pattern stores below! Thanks for looking and happy summer!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making a Small Crocheted Purse for Summer AND 30% off Crochet pattern ebooks!

You guys, put in coupon code "MAY2012" to get 30% off everything, even the treasuries, on my Etsy Pattern Store . I am going NUTS with polymer clay and felted flowers this week; summer always makes me focus on bags, bags, bags....I need bags to travel with, bags to carry my projects around in, bags MOST IMPORTANTLY because I like to wear sun dresses, and they HAVE NO POCKETS! Why, why, I ask you? Where, I ask you, does one put a phone or a car key?

The solution, summer dress wearers, is a tiny little summery bag...
Just use size 18 nylon string like you can find in a hobby store; a size F crochet hook...
and crochet a rectangle approximately 4" wide by 10" long. Fold it in half, slip stitch the sides together; then Chain a doubled-up strand of your nylon for a long stringy strap. I like about 35", nice and long to loop over the neck so it stays put. That's it! Most crocheters will know how to do this almost without thinking; if you're more of a detail person who wants a pattern, here's One You Can Buy on Ravelry for 4 dollars which includes not only very detailed instructions on the nylon purse (and a bit of a decorative edging), but also some flowers that look perfect with it! (You can see the project above)

You need the nylon string just mentioned, various scrap yarns in cotton, and crochet thread in a couple of colors for the stamens and the edging on the flowers. Size F hook and size 1 (2 mm) steel thread crochet hook are what you'll need, and you only need to know sc, dc, slip stitch, chain, just the basics.

Have a super summer and show me what you're working on! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

BEST PATTERN SALE of the Summer: Susan's Mini Treasury on Etsy!

My Mini Treasury, with my most popular all-original crochet patterns, will be on etsy this summer for only $12.99!  It has the best of the full-size Treasury, with eight baby hat patterns, dozens of flower patterns, crocheted jewelry and 13 animal appliques!
If you'd like to see thumbnails of all of the patterns included, click here on the etsy listing and look at the second photo of pattern thumbnails. This is really the best of the best that I have, all for $12.99 and in 8 x 10 " printable format. More than 220 pages and 50 individual patterns: flowers, tiny purses, baby hats, jewelry, lots of bitty projects for the beach or pool bag!

Ahh summer, I'm going to be doing lots of these little crochet doodles and wet felting them, yeah!!

Send me a note if you have any questions, and thanks!! 

Oh my gosh, Possum Mom with Babies!

GOOD GRIEF, who knew Possum Moms still give the kids a lift when they are so huge? 
What a hoot, I was working in the kitchen and saw this mother possum lumbering across the back yard with Junior and Junior Two bobbing along on her back, like two great big sightseers hanging on to the back of a camel! Couldn't believe it, I thought they just hung on to their mom's tums when they were tiny. This mother has a problem with boundaries! Still laughing!


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My 4-Chapter Mini Treasury

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Freeform Crochet Ideas

I guess I need some help with freeform crochet; I'm such a doodler that it appeals to me mightily; but I need to learn lots more about freeform before I do this stuff! All the freeform pieces I see look so much like a great big coral reef sculpture, I love it! In contrast, this piece looks something like a bunch of mold, but I'm getting there! The bullion stitch I get, but I need to take a class or something. I can see that I need to be mixing up open vs. closed shapes, mixing up colors, mixing up different textures, different shapes...but I get lost in the ridiculousness of trying to make a piece of work that hangs together and doesn't buckle. Ah, well, something to aspire to. I'll keep drooling over these pieces of art crochet that I see. Give me your criticisms, I can take it! 

Check out my latest designs at My Etsy Pattern Store or at My Ravelry Pattern Store!
My 4-Chapter Mini Treasury

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Monday, May 14, 2012

New Brimmed Granny Baby Hat Pattern!

Finally done with the thread crochet brimmed Granny Baby Hat! You can see it here on Etsy, or See it here on Ravelry ...I kind of got tired of flowers on baby girl crochet hats, and loved the stripey-ness of the ribbon on one of these, and also loved the black and white color scheme. So snappy and sassy!

The best thing about some of these baby hats is that they're worked in crochet thread, so they're floppy, cool, perfect for summer (although I must say the holes in the little hats will let bald little baby heads get too much sun!) ...and you don't need to get out reading glasses to work them in thread, because they're loosely crocheted with a nice big size K hook. Love it! That's why they take an hour or less to make.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks so much for your kindness and support!

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Check out my latest designs at My Etsy Pattern Store or at My Ravelry Pattern Store!
My 4-Chapter Mini Treasury

is also on Ravelry right now for $9.99!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A curly, big crocheted mum and other crochet ideas

My Single Fall Mum Pattern Now on Ravelry

I love both stylized flowers in crochet - ones that look cartoony and bold - and also semi-naturalistic ones like the one above. Naturalistic usually means more work, sigh. But either way, I'm loving the symbolic and actual physical happiness and cheeriness of flowers! How I wish I could grow them well!

I guess I usually either over water or under water, but mostly not enough sun. What bold huge flowers can grow in the shade, I ask ya?

Anyhoo, thanks to my wonderful crochet customers, you're an inspiration to me! Give me your ideas and suggestions, it's always fun and inspiring. Right now I'm trying to noodle out the idea of bringing together patterns and projects for a super charity; but I keep running in to the problem of a good site for auctioning goods (like crocheted pillows, etc) for a charity. It's definitely a problem on etsy; I suppose the Mission Fish arm of ebay might be the best possibility. What do you think, and are you interested?

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Have a super day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wow Smokey

This is my favorite picture ever of my cat.


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Free Crochet Pattern - Rosy Baby Hat in NB and Preemie

I've made my little "Rosy Baby Hat" available here for free for a limited time! You get both the instructions for the tiny hat AND the simply swirly rose which goes with it. I love pairing that rose with scarfettes and small purses, it's a fun one. Worked all in one piece, too. BTW, use coupon code "MAYHALFOFF" on Etsy on May 17 and 18 for 50% off all of my crochet patterns!

It's so simple and easy, and comes in Preemie and Newborn sizes, tiny! Click here to get the pdf "Rosy Baby Hat" .
Work it in thread crochet instead of yarn for summer!! It's been super to have so much fun designing and writing, I'm sure I'll burn out in a little while and have to take a break, but it seems like the muse stays for a week or so.

You can see all of my patterns at My Etsy Store or, better yet, get them instantly as downloads from My Ravelry Pattern Store . For those of you who haven't seen much of my work, I'm all about flowers, leaves, animal appliques, anything small and commitment-free! One big purpose for my crochet is to calm my itchy hands, and if it's too big a project, forget it! So do check out my things and have a super time with your project bag this summer! If you're lucky enough to go to the beach, I know you'll have a bag full of tangled yarns, threads, and hooks with you, right by your feet. Ha!

Ravelry fans, use the link above and type in the coupon code "THANK YOU" for a buy two, get one free deal.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free Pattern, give me Feedback! Fluffy Puppy Crochet Pattern

Hey, you guys, if anyone can test this and let me know how it works out for them, that would be great. It's so much fun, a fluffy doggie which actually (for me) works up slippery and floppy like a Beanie Baby. I call it "Shaggy Puppy" and you need to have one of those fluffy specialty yarns and some animal eyes from the craft store.
here's the link for the pattern. Here's how it looks when I crochet it:

you can also check all of my patterns out on Amazon!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

New 30% off Etsy Coupon!

I'm putting out a new coupon, finally! 30% off anything you buy in my Etsy store, offered with my great gratitude towards my wonderful Etsy customers. Just put in the code when you check out: once you've added an item to your cart, you can enter details about your order. Click "Apply shop coupon code" to open the field and that's where you type "MAY2012"  . It will only be good for the month of May, so use it soon!

Thank you once again, and I hope all my crochet friends enjoy shopping! Best wishes and blessings, Susan