Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ridiculous Workspace

Wow, I think I need to spend a couple of weeks organizing. It's embarrassing, I'm even embarrassed when I'm just sitting in this trying to work.

I've reached the conclusion (like lots of people who write articles in magazines) that a messy workspace keeps me from getting anything done. A dedicated room would be nice, but I hope to show some improvement in making my corner of the kitchen work for me. If someone renting a micro apartment which totals 150 square feet can make things work, so can I.

I'm going to start by setting modest boring and responsible goals (like keeping up with listings and communicating), then I'll add back in the fun creative tasks, as they get untangled. It's way too much, I'm living proof that too many choices paralyze a person!

I hope to make my next two posts about two patterns which are almost written!!

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