Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Get a Super Size Hook for Super Fast Scarves!

This is one of my Etsy Store Scarf Patterns , but I'm going to tell you its secret here: use a huge crochet hook!! the battery in my camera is dead, so I can't snap a photo of my big N size hooks, but there they'll be in the crochet section of your craft store, and I'm going to try to persuade you to get your hands on one! (No, I don't sell crochet hooks, ha!)

An N hook is 9 mm in width, almost a centimeter, which is really really chunky. At first, it's quite unwieldy and might tire out your wrist as you work. 

So why use this monster hook? SPEED! The great thing is that for a scarf or shawl, it makes your work go so quickly!! The pattern above only took an hour or so to make, and I'll give away my secret and tell you right here that you'll get a similar effect if you just make a classic shell stitch in that super large hook. A soft slinky yarn helps, too. 

Another benefit of stepping up to that huge hook is that when you super size your hook, you also update the look of that homely crochet stitch, whatever it may be. Not every crochet pattern for a scarf or shawl will work with an N size hook (my patterns which use an N hook are designed to work out well), but you can use your judgment and translate many ordinary stitches for a plain rectangular object into these large lacy interpretations. 

So go big!! It's awesome!

If you would like to see my crochet patterns, you can visit my Etsy Pattern Store or check out my Amazon Kindle Store pattern ebooks. 

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