Saturday, October 6, 2012

Piles of Messy Curls, strangely wonderful to make!

My New Curly Vines Muscadine Scarf . This is one I was talking about in this blog a few weeks ago, and the pattern is finished and on etsy at the link above.

I have some people testing it still, but so far so good with this messy pile of curls scarf. I love it!! It looks like seaweed or vines, irregular and ruffly yet not too too feminine. And it's not just a bunch of strands that you have to untangle and deal with, the strands are linked together as you work, so that the end result looks like a piles of chained ruffles, but is actually a netted whole. The best way to wear this messy scarf is to double it and thread the ends through the loop formed, but I'm thinking about making a chunky beaded band to tie it with.

I'm not sure why I'm liking more "messed up" or irregular natural shapes, but they are speaking to me lately. Maybe the aesthetic is 'imperfect, but beautiful" or "damaged, but beautfiul", and I'm liking either. Many times crochet is too perfect, too regular, too uptight. That's why freeform crochet fascinates me, as do irregular designs like this. Got another one on the way!!!

I'm finding that obsession with particular forms or themes in art and design is perhaps not good for mental health, but very good for the creative process. Who knew? (Besides every tormented artist out there) Here's hoping you find your theme!

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