Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Super Sale Amazon Collection of my Easy Crochet Patterns!

You guys, for a limited introductory period I have this new Mini Treasury listed on Amazon for $2.99! That's 75% off list price, and it's packed with patterns for small projects that won't bog you down! The best thing is...from your point of view, not mine (cough) that you can see all of the first chapter  by using the "look inside" feature, or even download the sample from its item page on amazon. Just click here.  But why would you do that when you can buy the whole ebook for three bucks?
The first chapter is my leaf and leaf garland collection, second chapter is a collection of super easy baskets and bowls, third chapter is a set of flowers for embellishing, and the fourth chapter is four of my easy baby hats, two of them brand new in 2015.

So check out the sample or check out all of my amazon patterns or better yet, my patterns on Ets
And thank you!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Updated Granny Hat, and a new Free Flower crochet pattern in this blog post

I just updated my easiest and (to me) cutest hat to have a cover picture in more current colors AND to add this cool little flower which is faster, cuter, and easier than in the unrevised pattern!! I'm so proud, it's "Susan's Loopy Flower" and if you want the pattern for free, you can find it here.

And if you'd like to see the revised Granny Hat pattern, complete with three sizes and both flower patterns, you can find it on etsy and also on Amazon. 

I'm also working on a great big Chrysanthemum revision which is also easier and just plain old I hope you see it soon, and enjoy it! 

Thanks you guys, and check out all of my original patterns in my Etsy Store