Friday, August 31, 2012

Curly Scarf, Ruffly Scarf, Ginkgo Leaf Scarf...

I've been going nuts with new ideas and can't get them down on paper...or on a Word document, actually. It's like when you're thinking things so fast, and your words can't keep up. I have to finish a bunch of prototypes, and I do need testers, so let me know if you can test drive one of these upcoming ideas!

Above, yet another iteration of the curly scarfette I was showing you in the previous post...I need a name for it! It's curly, it's like seaweed, it is inspired by nature, but yet it can look like guts. Hm. "Seaweed scarf" and "Pile of Guts" scarf are NOT in the running, and here I am ruining your impression of this FAVE scarfette of mine! Ruffly, wavy, gentle curls, auuuuughhhh!!! Help me, momma!
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Curly Seaweed Crochet pattern - statement scarf, coming up soon!

I am utterly obsessed with designing this pattern. LOVE LOVE LOVE the texture, and can't stop making them long enough to perfect the pattern. What the scarf most reminds me of is ruffly strips of seaweed, graceful and curly. Just wanted to show you what I've been working on; I'll post a link to it after I get the pattern finished, so if you'd like to be a tester, let me know!

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

SUPER EASY 4 ingredient cobbler or crisp

Okay, I know this is a different post for a crochet blog, but, I'm SURE that anyone who likes yarn also likes comfort food and cobbler in particular. And my thinking is that anyone who is addicted to yarn and design like I am has no time for complicated recipes. I should probably call this a "crisp" but I like the word cobbler more, ha!

The cool thing about these cobbler directions is  1) That you use whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have: sliced apples, sliced peaches, frozen cherries, etc.
                                                                         2) That you are NOT to MEASURE anything!! That's how I teach my kids to make muffins, pancakes, white sauces, etc. That's how my mom taught me to make a white sauce or gravy, that's how my dad taught me to make pancakes and cornbread, and that's how I'm going to teach you!!!  You just make a good guess about amounts, it works fine, and you end up getting a feel for what a batter or dough will look like.  Important in all this (for me) is to use self-rising flour when you make all of your non-measured batters and doughs, because this simplifies.

Here goes:


1. Place a layer of fruit pieces (fresh or frozen peaches, apples, cherries, etc) in the bottom of a glass dish (any size - what you see above is an individual dish; however a glass pie pan is great, too.

2. Use flour, sugar and butter for a crumbly mix which will be used both as a thickener and a topping. If you must have an idea of amounts, here goes: for a pie dish, use approximately a cup each of flour and sugar; for a single individual dish, use a couple of tablespoons of each.

Mix together in a bowl equal parts of self-rising flour and sugar. To this mixture add about half as much soft butter or shortening. Cream the mixture, mixing it till it is crumbly. (In other words, you could use about a cup of self-rising flour, a cup of sugar, and half a cup of soft butter).

3. Toss half the crumbly mix with the fruit to thicken it during baking, and use the other half to top it. If desired, sprinkle a little granola on the topping.

4. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.


Now you have more time for crocheting, like me! I'm working on scarf patterns, hopefully you'll see them soon on this blog!

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