Friday, August 31, 2012

Curly Scarf, Ruffly Scarf, Ginkgo Leaf Scarf...

I've been going nuts with new ideas and can't get them down on paper...or on a Word document, actually. It's like when you're thinking things so fast, and your words can't keep up. I have to finish a bunch of prototypes, and I do need testers, so let me know if you can test drive one of these upcoming ideas!

Above, yet another iteration of the curly scarfette I was showing you in the previous post...I need a name for it! It's curly, it's like seaweed, it is inspired by nature, but yet it can look like guts. Hm. "Seaweed scarf" and "Pile of Guts" scarf are NOT in the running, and here I am ruining your impression of this FAVE scarfette of mine! Ruffly, wavy, gentle curls, auuuuughhhh!!! Help me, momma!
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