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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Free Crochet Pattern here, with my introduction of my New Flowers Pattern Collection on Etsy! It only took me two years... Flower Crochet Patterns, Big, Splashy and Easy!

Wow, I'm so proud to have finally finished this crochet flower pattern set!

Fourteen crocheted flowers, some of them collected from my individual patterns for hats and scarves in the last two years, some of them all new. BUT all of them are bossy and bold, and they make a big flowery statement! And blog readers, you get the Flower Bag and one flower pattern for free right here!  BUT heck, the whole thing's on Etsy for only five bucks, so check it out and all of my all-original crochet designs at my Etsy Store. 

I've been mulling over other new ideas from the yarn-y stew which is my brain right now, and have some interesting baby accessory crochet items coming up, so keep checking it for new patterns being published soon, and for free crochet patterns right on this blog!

Thanks for being my crochet pals, and check out my Amazon patterns, too, if you like. Have a super day!

Monday, March 16, 2015

New Shell Stitch Hat Pattern from Susan, and Free New Two-Piece Natural Rose Pattern!

You guys, I've got a new pattern up on Etsy and soon to be live on Amazon too, if you like their Kindle store. It's a super fast, super simple baby hat pattern worked in easy and fast shell stitch! My granny style baby hat might be a tad faster, but this is pretty darn fast, and SUPER easy. And as a thank you for being a blog reader, just click here to get the new rose pattern which is part of the new pattern.

The shell baby hat comes in 5 sizes, ranging from Newborn to 6 months. I've got larger child and adult sizes coming up.

So if you have a little stash of baby weight yarn and a size H crochet hook, check out this pattern here on etsy, or hopefully within a day, find it among my Amazon items.

Thanks for checking it out!! Yours, Susan 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Super Sale Amazon Collection of my Easy Crochet Patterns!

You guys, for a limited introductory period I have this new Mini Treasury listed on Amazon for $2.99! That's 75% off list price, and it's packed with patterns for small projects that won't bog you down! The best thing is...from your point of view, not mine (cough) that you can see all of the first chapter  by using the "look inside" feature, or even download the sample from its item page on amazon. Just click here.  But why would you do that when you can buy the whole ebook for three bucks?
The first chapter is my leaf and leaf garland collection, second chapter is a collection of super easy baskets and bowls, third chapter is a set of flowers for embellishing, and the fourth chapter is four of my easy baby hats, two of them brand new in 2015.

So check out the sample or check out all of my amazon patterns or better yet, my patterns on Ets
And thank you!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Updated Granny Hat, and a new Free Flower crochet pattern in this blog post

I just updated my easiest and (to me) cutest hat to have a cover picture in more current colors AND to add this cool little flower which is faster, cuter, and easier than in the unrevised pattern!! I'm so proud, it's "Susan's Loopy Flower" and if you want the pattern for free, you can find it here.

And if you'd like to see the revised Granny Hat pattern, complete with three sizes and both flower patterns, you can find it on etsy and also on Amazon. 

I'm also working on a great big Chrysanthemum revision which is also easier and just plain old I hope you see it soon, and enjoy it! 

Thanks you guys, and check out all of my original patterns in my Etsy Store

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A New Revision of my Best Baby Hat Pattern, with an all New Crochet Flower

I've finally finished a rework of my basic baby hat for light weight yarn, and it gives it such a delicate feeling! Work this darling little cap in baby yarn with a size G hook, it'll only take an hour, if that! But the real new thing about the pattern is this new flower design I've been working on for a while, I'm so proud! It's full, but nice and flat, flat but not's perfect for a baby hat!!

I hope you like it, guys, it's currently on Etsy right here. By tomorrow it should appear on Amazon among my Amazon patterns. 
Thanks for your kind words and support!!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Bunny Applique Pattern from Susan...try the little one for free!

You guys, I'm so proud of FINALLY having finished this little bunny pattern...I have a running bunny which was going to be a third pattern, but I just can't seem to finish it. SO, I'm happy just to introduce this bitty pair!!! I know you see five bunnies, but they are actually just two types, the Large Sitting Bunny and the Small Sitting Bunny.
Call me crazy, but I think these will be great on little girls' hats, scarves, jumpers, washcloths...And I'm planning on finding or making some fabric Easter Baskets which have these darlings on them. 

And I'm posting the pdf pattern for the little guy right here, who would look darn cute hopping around the edge of a dress, all by himself. I must admit, the little one is a lot faster than the larger one to make, and a bit easier.

I've written the pattern for yarn, but those of you who don't mind putting on your readers might try making these cuties in crochet thread and a 2 mm (size 4) steel thread crochet hook. 

Give me your feedback on the pattern, please!
And here are the instructions for the little guy:

and if you like the little bunny, check out my pattern for both bunnies here on etsy. It will be on Amazon like most of my patterns within a day or two, also. 

Thanks for all of the support, you guys, and have a blast creating and crocheting this week!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Even up the Edge of your Shell Stitch Crochet

You guys, this is my fave way to finish off a bit of shell stitch so that I can move on to a different stitch. If you're not sure how to work sc's together, read on, there's a little video showing you how to do it!

“Even Up” your shell stitch crochet so that the wavy shapes of the shells are evened out. Below you'll see  a diagram showing how this round helps fill in the valleys and makes an even edge on which to continue your work:

Choose the sc “Even Up” round which you need, depending upon the ending point of your last round. Here is a little video showing you how to crochet 3 single crochet together!
If you finished with a join at the top of a shell:
Sc in 1st dc, * decr sc in next 3 st, sc, sl st in center st of shell, sc, repeat from * around,
If you finished with a join in the middle between two shells:
Sl st in 1st st, (it should be the first dc of a shell) ch 1, sc, sl st in center st of shell, *sc, work decr sc in next 3 st, sc, sl st in center st of shell, repeat from * around, sc in dc, decr sc in next 2 st, join.

above: your “Even Up” round should make the wavy shell edge into a straight edge.
If you like my little tips, check out my patterns on Etsy and also on Amazon's Kindle store