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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A New Revision of my Best Baby Hat Pattern, with an all New Crochet Flower

I've finally finished a rework of my basic baby hat for light weight yarn, and it gives it such a delicate feeling! Work this darling little cap in baby yarn with a size G hook, it'll only take an hour, if that! But the real new thing about the pattern is this new flower design I've been working on for a while, I'm so proud! It's full, but nice and flat, flat but not's perfect for a baby hat!!

I hope you like it, guys, it's currently on Etsy right here. By tomorrow it should appear on Amazon among my Amazon patterns. 
Thanks for your kind words and support!!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Bunny Applique Pattern from Susan...try the little one for free!

You guys, I'm so proud of FINALLY having finished this little bunny pattern...I have a running bunny which was going to be a third pattern, but I just can't seem to finish it. SO, I'm happy just to introduce this bitty pair!!! I know you see five bunnies, but they are actually just two types, the Large Sitting Bunny and the Small Sitting Bunny.
Call me crazy, but I think these will be great on little girls' hats, scarves, jumpers, washcloths...And I'm planning on finding or making some fabric Easter Baskets which have these darlings on them. 

And I'm posting the pdf pattern for the little guy right here, who would look darn cute hopping around the edge of a dress, all by himself. I must admit, the little one is a lot faster than the larger one to make, and a bit easier.

I've written the pattern for yarn, but those of you who don't mind putting on your readers might try making these cuties in crochet thread and a 2 mm (size 4) steel thread crochet hook. 

Give me your feedback on the pattern, please!
And here are the instructions for the little guy:

and if you like the little bunny, check out my pattern for both bunnies here on etsy. It will be on Amazon like most of my patterns within a day or two, also. 

Thanks for all of the support, you guys, and have a blast creating and crocheting this week!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Even up the Edge of your Shell Stitch Crochet

You guys, this is my fave way to finish off a bit of shell stitch so that I can move on to a different stitch. If you're not sure how to work sc's together, read on, there's a little video showing you how to do it!

“Even Up” your shell stitch crochet so that the wavy shapes of the shells are evened out. Below you'll see  a diagram showing how this round helps fill in the valleys and makes an even edge on which to continue your work:

Choose the sc “Even Up” round which you need, depending upon the ending point of your last round. Here is a little video showing you how to crochet 3 single crochet together!
If you finished with a join at the top of a shell:
Sc in 1st dc, * decr sc in next 3 st, sc, sl st in center st of shell, sc, repeat from * around,
If you finished with a join in the middle between two shells:
Sl st in 1st st, (it should be the first dc of a shell) ch 1, sc, sl st in center st of shell, *sc, work decr sc in next 3 st, sc, sl st in center st of shell, repeat from * around, sc in dc, decr sc in next 2 st, join.

above: your “Even Up” round should make the wavy shell edge into a straight edge.
If you like my little tips, check out my patterns on Etsy and also on Amazon's Kindle store

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Super Easy Gift ! Mug Cake Mix with labels and Crocheted Holly Leaf

I'm so proud!! I looked at mug cake mixes for little gifts all afternoon, then modified them so that they were easier and yummier! I wanted a recipe which a) didn't flow over the edges of a medium size mug when baked, b) wasn't gummy from lack of oil, and c) required water, not milk, when the recipient was mixing and baking them.

If you want these CHEAP, easy, pretty, and FUN gifts, purchase or wash up pretty mugs...then make up little cellophane bags with four ingredients:

1 ½ Tablespoons  chocolate chips, 
2 Tablespoons self-rising flour, 
2 Tablespoons sugar, and 
1 Tablespoon of powdered cocoa in bag. 

Close with twist tie and place in mug, enclose entire mug in cello bag then add bow. If you want to print up my mix instructions AND tags which can go on your mugs and which explain baking to your recipients, you can get the printable labels and instructions as a pdf here.

And if you'd like my little pattern for the Holly Leaf you can add to the bow
(see below) you can see it at this page of my Etsy crochet store. Basically make a little crocheted leaf with picot bumps for holly points, and 3 little picots for berries! But the pattern is nice because it has pictures and tells you how to make the motif into a garland. 

Thanks for looking at my favorite teacher gift for this year! Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Needed: kitties, and backlog of patterns!

If anyone is out there who wants to crochet this kitty pattern of mine for a customer, let me know and I'll pass along the email of the interested crochet lover! You can see the pattern here and the kitty is below:
Animal CROCHET PATTERN - Darling Kitty - Instant Download for Tiny Crocheted Cat Ornament or Applique Instructions - pdf

I have so many new patterns coming up I don't know where to start: new flowers, new animals, hats, so many things, and with new jobs and commitments I haven't been able to quite finish them! My favorites are a couple of bunnies and a rooster, they are a blast to crochet. I certainly hope I can publish them in the next two months and blog about them here! In the meantime, happy crocheting and show me what you've been working on!

You can find all of my patterns on Amazon and Etsy!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My best crochet tip for cool Spring and Summer Baby Hats!

You guys, this is the best tip I have for making baby hats in the summer which are COOL, airy, and great for the beach, no matter what pattern you use:

You don't want fuzzy yarn in the summer! Just thinking about putting a fuzzy warm yarn hat on at the beach makes me itch all over! Well, it makes your baby itch all over too! (Lisa, you know what I mean!) So what do you do, suspend crochet till fall? NO! Here's the best way to make a summer baby hat which is cool: use crochet thread!

What do I mean by crochet thread? I mean the balls of no. 10 cotton crochet thread like the ones you see in the photo above. No. 10 Aunt Lydia's is great, any brand which has a non-fuzzy feel to it, and a tiny strand. Double up, crocheting with TWO strands, not one, and don't use a steel thread crochet hook, but keep it speedy with a size H, I or K aluminum crochet hook.

If the pattern calls for baby weight (sport weight, or number 3) yarn, use these two strands, and keep the hook the same size as the baby pattern normally calls for. Do check your gauge: make sure that a few rounds with your crochet threads and hook are the same size as the same rounds with your baby yarn and hook.

A caveat: the hat will be less stretchy, and the work will look more airy and open. Shell stitches, double crochets, and granny square hats are good for this summery technique. You may want to choose a pattern that has a tie under the chin, and you may also need to starch any brims. But the payoff, oh my! A baby hat that is just a little like a straw hat. Quick to dry, good for air flow, good for a tiny bit of sun protection (not much).

This was the idea I pursued in my various summer baby hats:
Here's a double crochet hat worked this way: Cool Thread Crochet Hat on Amazon

A granny square hat: Brimmed Granny pattern on etsy

And my hat collection which includes both of the above:

BUT, crochet your own patterns this way, and see how cool crochet can be for summer!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm so happy that my baby hats are revised and all collected in the same place!! Here they are on etsy, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble .

I only have one more little hat that's trying to get out of my head and on paper, and after that I think the next ones up are animals and scarves that have been lying around, their patterns halfway written. Sad!!

Thanks for looking, and have a super time with all your projects!!

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