Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Chunky Crocheted Bowl Pattern

I love this little one; not hard, but if you've never worked on heavy textiles in crochet before, it seems mysterious. And I love the tweedy, homey look!! These bowls are flexible but strong! They can hold balls of yarn, keys, toys, whatever you like, just probably not gooshy food items, hah!

Here's the pattern: Work with a quadruple strand of medium weight yarn (four strands held together and used like one!) and WITH A SIZE K HOOK (u.s.) work ch 3, sl st to form a small ring.
I won't state this in rounds because it's really intuitive: 

Work a sc circle in a spiral to your desired bowl diameter:

Your first round will be as many sc as you can fit nicely into the beginning ring. Instead of joining, just start sc's of the second round right on top of your beginning point, working in a spiral.

Your second "round" will be working ( sc, 2sc)  all around the circle, then continue in a spiral instead of joining (you'll need to mark your beginning point with a pin since you are working in a spiral, with no seam and no joining).

Your third "round" will be working sc around, with 2sc in every third sc. 

Your fourth "round" will be working sc around, with 2sc in every fourth sc.
You see where I'm going here....this is simply working sc in the round, increasing as needed to keep your circle flat. You may need to adjust the increases so your stitches don't get too crowded. Use your judgment and make a nice flat circle!

Continue to make a chunky circle to your desired diameter for your bowl. (Actually stop when you're within an inch of your desired diameter, because it will continue to enlarge as you begin on the walls)

To start forming the walls, simply sc in every sc around, continuing to work in a spiral. One tip: Working with the bowl cupped inward (instead of bowing outward like it will be when it's used) makes it much easier to work.

If you wish to make the bowl slope inward, you can do a round or two decreasing every 6th or 7th stitch. Experiment and have fun with it. 

To end your bowl, work 2 or 3 slip stitches instead of sc's and tie off. Tightly pull the end of your work so the last stitch is small and weave the ends through your work for one stitch; then knot your yarns and securely hide and sew down the tail end. 


My "thing" is SMALL, DOABLE, quick projects which use a skein of yarn or less....and which don't commit you to a big thing that schlumps around after you in your dreams, taunting you and making you feel bad for not finishing it!! So if you like low-commitment crochet projects, click on the links below and check out my etsy pattern store! All of the patterns are original, by me, Susan!

Ta ta!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

I've finally gotten around to making a listing that lets my customers mix and match their pattern choices: I've designed dozens and dozens of little projects over the last year and it's been a delight. ( I'm a crochet addict!)
This etsy listing lets you choose which ones you like best, and it's a super price, almost 50% off for many of the patterns. You can see it at this etsy page.

If you want to see more of my small crochet projects, you can click on some of the links below and check out my own original patterns:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I finally put all of my baby hats in one place! Just finished that granny and nubby hat pattern, and have been happily putzing around with all of them-piles and piles of crochet everywhere! I've got yarn in the brain, I think I'd better get my work space organized or things are going to slow down to a crawl just from sheer clutter. Thanks for looking! 
If you want to see more of my small crochet projects, you can click on some of the links below and check out my own original patterns:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Darling Granny Hat to Cover a Tiny Noggin! Preemie, Newborn, 3 and 6 month sizes

Another little pattern I just finished....FAST, fast fast....don't you love Granny Square patterns? No wonder they are forever favorites, they go so fast. This new pattern has a Granny Square Baby Hat and a similar "Nubby" baby hat which uses sc instead of dc, turning those granny square groups into nubby little nubbins. Thanks for looking!!!
see this pattern in my etsy store

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dress up a Tiny Noggin Like a Hollyhock Bud!

How many chances, really, do you have to dress up your newborn and snap some wonderful photos? This little hat is my latest pattern, a photo prop pattern; I love love love little flower things in crochet for a little one! It's worked mostly in dc and looks like your bitty sprite has a flower bud for a cap.

I haven't written a pattern for a newborn cocoon to go along with this, but it hardly bears writing: Just dc a circle (start with 10 dc, then inc in every stitch for round 2, in every two stitches for round three, in every three stitches for round four, and so on.... you get the idea!! When you've reached your desired diameter (14" perhaps, for a newborn), start decreasing to make a bowl shape, and keep going till it's your desired length. Maybe I'll get around to writing a pattern for a little cocoon like this, but until then, there's my free opinion and decription!

Dress up those little dolls and have a wonderful time crocheting at the beach, baby!Here's the link to the etsy listing for this little pdf crochet pattern.