Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dress up a Tiny Noggin Like a Hollyhock Bud!

How many chances, really, do you have to dress up your newborn and snap some wonderful photos? This little hat is my latest pattern, a photo prop pattern; I love love love little flower things in crochet for a little one! It's worked mostly in dc and looks like your bitty sprite has a flower bud for a cap.

I haven't written a pattern for a newborn cocoon to go along with this, but it hardly bears writing: Just dc a circle (start with 10 dc, then inc in every stitch for round 2, in every two stitches for round three, in every three stitches for round four, and so on.... you get the idea!! When you've reached your desired diameter (14" perhaps, for a newborn), start decreasing to make a bowl shape, and keep going till it's your desired length. Maybe I'll get around to writing a pattern for a little cocoon like this, but until then, there's my free opinion and decription!

Dress up those little dolls and have a wonderful time crocheting at the beach, baby!Here's the link to the etsy listing for this little pdf crochet pattern.

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