Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Free Picnic Table Decor Idea, Fun Cutlery Holder!

My New Picnic Table Cutlery Holder Project Sheet is on Etsy!'s so simple I'm going to describe it for you here so you really don't need the pattern unless you'd like to buy it for the photos and details. Fun! It's intended as a way to use scrap yarn and items you have lying around to make a sweet container or gift box.

Here's what you do, for those of you who don't need the details and have flower and star patterns you can already use: 

Choose a straight walled container to use, like a coffee pot or an empty plastic ice cream bucket.

Then make a crocheted dc and chain sleeve for it:

In medium weight yarn crochet a length of chains which circles your container of choice and just touches. Work rows of dc-and chain lattices *(dc, ch 1, skip next st) , joining at the end of each round and stepping up with a ch-4 for each new round. 

Top it off with a row of sc and use it to encircle your bandana-wrapped container. Tuck any extra bandana fabric to the interior of small pots, or let the extra fabric hang down for larger pots/buckets.

I like to crochet little motifs like stars and add them to these picnic pots for a decoration.

If you'd like the actual pattern for this, with materials, details, lots of photos, the star pattern, etc, you can click here to buy it for $2.20 on etsy but if you just want to duplicate it from my instructions above, be my guest! It's also available instantly as a download on Ravelry .And check out my various pattern stores below! Thanks for looking and happy summer!!

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