Friday, May 11, 2012

A curly, big crocheted mum and other crochet ideas

My Single Fall Mum Pattern Now on Ravelry

I love both stylized flowers in crochet - ones that look cartoony and bold - and also semi-naturalistic ones like the one above. Naturalistic usually means more work, sigh. But either way, I'm loving the symbolic and actual physical happiness and cheeriness of flowers! How I wish I could grow them well!

I guess I usually either over water or under water, but mostly not enough sun. What bold huge flowers can grow in the shade, I ask ya?

Anyhoo, thanks to my wonderful crochet customers, you're an inspiration to me! Give me your ideas and suggestions, it's always fun and inspiring. Right now I'm trying to noodle out the idea of bringing together patterns and projects for a super charity; but I keep running in to the problem of a good site for auctioning goods (like crocheted pillows, etc) for a charity. It's definitely a problem on etsy; I suppose the Mission Fish arm of ebay might be the best possibility. What do you think, and are you interested?

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Have a super day!

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