Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Super Fast Summer Bandana Bag Pattern!

My New Easy Bandana Bag Project is on Etsy's so simple I'm going to describe it for you here so your really don't need the pattern unless you'd like to buy it for the details. Fun! P.S. Use "SUMMER2015" on Etsy to save 25% for the rest of THIS SUMMER!!!!!

Here's how it goes: Use a yarn needle and medium weight yarn to work a running stitch in a circle which almost touches the edges of your bandana. 
Next work a "casing" of sorts of (ch,dc) all the way around, worked on the yarn stitches.
Then form a drawstring strap or length of chains which is about 45" long and weave it through your dc casing to pull your bandana purse shut. Tie the ends of the chained length together and you're ready to add a crocheted flower, buttons, whatever you want.

Perfect for summer, for the beach, for use as a gift bag, a child's present, whatever you can think!! I'm going to hang them on the end of a picnic table to hold plastic forks, YAY!!

If you'd like the actual pattern for this, with dimensions, details, photos, the flower pattern, etc, you can click here to buy it for $2.20 on Etsy. But if you just want to duplicate it from my instructions above, be my guest! And check out my various pattern stores below! Thanks for looking and happy summer!!

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