Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Createspace and the Stitch that's Tangling my Brain

I think I have figured out why my CreateSpace Store AND Amazon don't show my new paperback, duh. Here's the link which actually does work.
That bit of info aside...
Here's the stitch which I've been trying to create (although it's so simple I'm sure it's been "invented" a number of times)...I wanted an edging which could be used as a headband or belt, which filled a couple of requirements: it had to be FAST to crochet and it had to look nubby and interesting. This one looks either like a zigzag pattern or a mottled pebble pattern, depending on your yarn and gauge. But boy, does it go fast, and you can do it almost without looking, just a glance with each round. Yay! I'll form it into a pattern for an edging and headband soon, maybe will put it on etsy. In the meantime, thanks for all of the suggestions and kind comments, I have really been enjoying being a part of the offbeat crochet community out there. Toodles!

If you'd like to see my patterns, check out www.susanlinnstudio.etsy.com and if you want to check out my new (Black and White) paperback book of Animal Applique Patterns, you can look at my CreateSpace store

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