Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Free Ivy Garland Crochet Pattern ! And check out my Allie Hat and Flower!

I'm dithering about what to post, and I think I'll offer my little English Ivy Crocheted garland to my friends as a pdf download, if you'd like the pattern click here and to see the NEW "Allie" Simple Single Crochet Hat pattern on etsy, you can see it here. My beautiful daughter is modelling the hat, I should drape her in the ivy so she can model both, but I have to keep her happy. She's a sport, but she has her limits. I had a wonderful Willy Wonky type hat to put on her, so sassy and cute, but she ran away and wouldn't do it. I was also hurt when she wouldn't wear my psychedelic flower to Tacky Day at school, but I do realize I can't take it personally. We can't all be crochet nuts.

Here are my various patterns on Amazon's Kindle Store, including this new one....when you see my patterns as Kindle documents, they're smaller in format and they're unable to be printed out, so I sell them more cheaply than the larger printable versions on my Etsy Crochet pattern store .

Show me what you've been working on, and have a wonderful crochet day!

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