Monday, January 28, 2013

Irish Baby, Free shamrock garland pattern and New March Hat on my pattern store!

Click here to see this brand new pattern on Etsy!!
My New St Pat's Hat for a tiny little leprechaun!! Must say, had to look up the spelling on that last.

Okay, I'm kinda proud, I like how quick this little hat is. It only takes you 30-40 minutes to make the smaller sizes, and yet it's made from a more delicate looking sc stitch (except for the brim). Super!! The chains in the pattern make it faster than that clunky but much-loved old dc. Ladies (and guys), yes that dc is fast, but it looks so homey!! I mean, I like homey, but not THAT homey! And when I say homey, I mean home-made, ha!

And a sweet little brim that looks old-fashioned, almost like a little derby. So appropriate for a St. Paddy's day baby hat.

Click on the link right above the picture to see the crochet pattern on etsy, and HERE IS HOW TO MAKE the shamrock garland! Just crochet a tiny circle of three chains, joined, then form three leaves in that circle: (ch 2, dc, ch 2, sl st in center), three times - then ch 9 for the stem to the next shamrock, and you're off!! The pattern shows you more, obviously: the cap pattern, a larger shamrock garland, lots of photos...have fun!!

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