Thursday, March 26, 2015

Free Crochet Pattern here, with my introduction of my New Flowers Pattern Collection on Etsy! It only took me two years... Flower Crochet Patterns, Big, Splashy and Easy!

Wow, I'm so proud to have finally finished this crochet flower pattern set!

Fourteen crocheted flowers, some of them collected from my individual patterns for hats and scarves in the last two years, some of them all new. BUT all of them are bossy and bold, and they make a big flowery statement! And blog readers, you get the Flower Bag and one flower pattern for free right here!  BUT heck, the whole thing's on Etsy for only five bucks, so check it out and all of my all-original crochet designs at my Etsy Store. 

I've been mulling over other new ideas from the yarn-y stew which is my brain right now, and have some interesting baby accessory crochet items coming up, so keep checking it for new patterns being published soon, and for free crochet patterns right on this blog!

Thanks for checking out my patterns! To see more, you can visit my Etsy store, check out my crochet blog or facebook page to find free tips, small patterns and inspiration, or see my Amazon Author Central page to see my patterns on the Kindle ebook store. Have a great time with your crochet!


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