Saturday, May 16, 2015

Remember a crocheted pigtail? Free pattern for this curly crochet stitch

Here's a little crochet smile...I know lots of crocheters from the 70's will remember the crocheted pigtail stitch, and most people will probably still see lots of it at craft fairs: it's a staple of bookmarks and hair ties! So here's the very simple way to do it!

And at the end, I'll show you a picture of a slightly more involved fashion crochet scarf I designed which elaborates on the humble crochet pigtail and makes it into statement neckwear!

First you start with a length of chains, for practice just make 25. (below)

Then, assuming you want a straight expanse of stitches before the curls, turn, skip one loop and start sc (single crochet) back toward the beginning. For this example I single crocheted 10 times, (photo below) then I was ready to start the curls!

(below) Now here's the big secret: simply start working 2 sc in every chain! First you'll see a hump. 

Then as you continue 2 sc in every ch, you'll see your work beginning to curl back on itself. (below)

Just keep working and if needed, twist the curly part behind you in a clockwise manner so that the curl lies evenly. (Below)

(Below) Voila! A curly pigtail, perfect for the end of a bookmark, the ends of a hair tie, a bow for a gift....OR (read on)

You can invent a cool fashion statement from this curly stitch by varying it a bit. If you'd like to see my "Curly Vines" statement scarf pattern, click here.

It looks like this: 
I'm so proud of it!! I love any statement scarves that reflect humble natural forms, and this one reminds me of the tendrils of a vine or seaweed. So much fun!! Stand by for some scarf patterns which look like leaves, coral and lichens!! 

Thanks for checking out my patterns! To see more, you can visit my Etsy store, check out my crochet blog or facebook page to find free tips, small patterns and inspiration, or see my Amazon Author Central page to see my patterns on the Kindle ebook store. Have a great time with your crochet!

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