Saturday, June 27, 2015

Glass Beads and Chain Stitch, awesome jewelry project for summer!!

I love making crocheted jewelry, and this redone pattern set has some new designs which are great for summer!

To make this Beaded Chain Stitch Summer Necklace...

You’ll need no. 10 crochet cotton and a size 7 steel thread crochet hook for this project, as well as the desired number of beads. I used about 220 variously sized glass beads, which when pre-strung on my thread (the first step you will read about below) stretched out to about 20”.

First, you’ll need to stiffen the neatly trimmed end of your working thread (the number 10 crochet cotton) so that you can string beads easily! Use a dab of white glue or nail polish,and while it’s not quite dry, roll it in your fingers to straighten it and make a sharp point!

Next, you will string all of your beads, in the exact order and layout that you want them, on to your crochet thread (see below).

Now comes the chaining part: start with a few chains using the end of the thread that was stiffened (you can trim that off). Then, pull up your first bead,

snug it against the chains you just worked, reach around it, (see below)

and continue on to chain 4. Sometimes you’ll need to seesaw your thread back and forth to make the area where you jump across the bead nice and tight.
Continue in this manner *chain 4, jump over bead, repeat from * to desired length (for me, that was eight feet!)

Your necklace grows as those stringed beads wait for you near your ball of thread. You’ll occasionally need to move them down, away from your work, as you need more working thread.

When you are done, knot the two ends together tightly with a double knot, then finish off the knot with a tiny dab of glue.

Your finished piece can be looped around itself three or even four times to make a beautiful piece of jewelry; you can even wrap it around your wrist many more times to make a gorgeous bracelet! The best part is, your necklace is washable and durable.
If you wish, you can work larger knots at each end of your necklace and put crimps and lobster claw closures on them to make the wearing easier. 

If you'd like to see the full pattern set , including lots of photos, 9 jewelry projects, and  a video explaining this necklace, you can check out the pattern for sale on Etsy,. If you'd like to see it on Amazon, go to my Amazon page. 

Hope you enjoy this simple little project and thanks for reading, you guys! 

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