Monday, August 14, 2017

Crochet Flower and Fabric Scrap for a Gift Bag

I'm a crochet diva and sometimes I forget that a crocheted flower makes a perfect bow! And wait...a scrap of fabric can simply be gathered up into a pouch and used - instead of a gift bag!

you can create a homespun, earth-friendly gift bag by using your scraps of yarn and fabric
put a flower on a pouch of unhemmed fabric: instant gift bag!

Now don't get me wrong, I love gift bags because they are reusable. I think there might be some in our house which are as old as my youngest child and as wrinkled as her mom! They are fun, they are bright, they're nice and sturdy and HECK, they're so easy! Drop the awkward gift shape in them and you're done!

But if you happen to be a wanna-be hippie like me and would like to begin using up bits of yarn and fabric rather than run to the store, just cut out a piece of fabric large enough to enfold your gift, make a flower in 10 or 20 minutes (one of my newest flower pattern sets is linked below), and tie the flower onto the "neck" of your pouch with a piece of string.

If you're interested, my ebook of my best crochet flower patterns is found on Amazon and Etsy:

You can see all of my crochet ebook patterns here:

Thanks for looking and happy crocheting!


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