Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Crocheted Tropical Flowers with Jazzy Details!

This is one I just finished, and I must say it was a blast to design. I love high contrast work, both in crochet and painting, and this one fits the bill: the center is all speckled and black and yellow, mimicking the center of a poppy or some such. Generally they look all summery and bold, not quite hibiscus, not quite poppy, but something imaginary in between. Besides which, the pattern is "modular" in that you choose your centers, choose your petals, just like Build A Bear or something. Yeah!
I tossed in my little nylon string purse, too, just the size you need for an iphone. An iphone purse with the biggest sassiest flowers on it you ever ever saw!
You can see the pattern at this etsy listing , and thanks for looking!

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