Friday, April 1, 2011

Above are the skeins that are shuffling along after me, trying to trip me up and get me to use them!! I'm so sick I dream up crochet patterns while I'm driving or am in church! That is just ...pitiful, and evidence of a very sad fantasy life: BUT I'M NUTS OVER THIS STUFF!! I can't stop crocheting, I go on jags like this, and there aren't any drugs involved. You guys who have got it bad like me know what I'm talking about.

Coming up soon are some irresistible designs, baby items, travel items, and beach items.  I've just got to get them out of my head, through a crochet hook and down on paper.
If you want to see what obsessed me all last fall and winter, check out

My New Book!! 

It's all but one or two of my work since I started writing down my designs last fall, and I must say I'm proud! Send me a note if you want to see more about it, but if you click on the link you'll see the etsy item and a big description of what's inside, including a peek at some pages.
There is, of course, permission to sell items made from these patterns on etsy and elsewhere, but please do not pass around my patterns, as they are my own designs : )

This spring's projects include darling baby items and a beach hat, I'm cookin', baby! Show me your designs, and have a lovely crochet day!

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