Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yow, A New Easy Pattern - Crocheted Puppy Stocking Stuffer!

A new darling puppy pattern I just finished!Kinda fond of this one, I've been crocheting furiously! I know what's going to stuff some stockings for me. I couldn't believe when this little photo popped out at me, the little guy looked terrified! Ha, and I had to trim that fuzzy yarn around his little eyes and nose, I think it helped.

Crochet is such an obsession for me, I can't be happy if I don't have a ball of yarn and a hook in a pocket or purse. I might not do anything, but I know I can have fun if I get tied up waiting in line somewhere. It's probably a mental illness, and it tends to irritate people, especially when I do things like trail a length of yarn for 10 yards, like I did the other day when I walked around my car and encircled it with yarn. Poo.

Have a lovely day and show me your fave projects! Here's this little puppy pattern on my etsy store, if you're interested!

Here are my various patterns on Amazon's Kindle Store, including this new one....when you see my patterns as Kindle documents, they're smaller in format and they're unable to be printed out, so I sell them more cheaply than the larger printable versions on my Etsy Crochet pattern store . 

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