Friday, December 30, 2011

Tiny Tiny Birdies coming up!! Animal Miniatures in Crochet

Oh, wow, what fun. But I've got to get stronger reading glasses, ha!
I've been experimenting with designing and making tiny tiny animals, for, I don't know...sitting on your window sill or hanging on your tree (for next year, I guess). Miniatures have a certain appeal, not sure why. They're so doable, so quick and darling. And a family of little bluebirds, they make me happy just sitting on my counter.

I've actually finished this pattern, you can find it on Amazon and actually, I think you can borrow it for free for a while!
Happy Crocheting and Happy New Year!


  1. Oh my...I think I am going to have to have this pattern! LOL I love birds, and I am planning on decorating next year's tree in all things crochet. So these will be perfect! I'll definitely be staying tuned. :D

  2. Thanks!! I'm editing the post to show a link to this, actually if you follow the link I think you can borrow it on Kindle for free!