Friday, September 10, 2010

Christmas Crochet Designs, Beautiful and EASY Thread Crochet Snowflakes

These are a very simple collection of Christmas Snowflakes. Thread crochet snowflakes are something I've been making for decades (I'm not too too old, but old enough!) and I finally put together a pdf e-booklet of these easy ones. They're great as gift tie-ons for Christmas gifts (you stiffen them with fabric stiffener) and window decor, too. There are many many more designs in my head, so come back to see them. You can see all of my fun and wacky crochet patterns at my website and also at my etsy store.

I love designing crochet, but producing it, not so if you want to make and sell these designs on etsy or elsewhere, feel free! Just please respect my copyright and don't distribute my pattern!

Have a wonderful day of crochet!

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