Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why is a cotton flower so cozy?

Another cool little crochet doodle, a daffodil! I hope to convince people that crochet is actually a construction medium or artistic medium which is SO VERY versatile! You can stiffen it and make a box, crocheted jewelry, crocheted Christmas ornament...or if it's soft and cottony and nubby it makes slippers, baby items, sweaters and scarves that can't be rivaled by anything in a store. I can't put my finger on why those bumps of cotton yarn make me so happy, but they do. Maybe it's like a textile version of comfort food. Always there, always positive, just start with some chains and see what kind of doodle you can make.

Love it. Take care and share your thoughts...
Here are my etsy crochet items and lots of crochet patterns in pdf format: etsy items...and on my website a page that has instructional video for watercolor, crochet pattern ebooklets, all kinds of instruction and inspiration, hopefully expanding as fast as humanly possible!

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