Saturday, August 20, 2011

Free Pom Pom pattern....a good day for yarn!

I've been sitting on this one for a whitle, I found a great baby weight yarn which actually comes in lots of non-baby pastels, I can't believe it!! It's Hobby Lobby's own brand "I Love This Yarn" and it's acrylic. Looks like baby yarn in every way, but comes in lots of cool browns, blues, interesting multis, ahhhh! Which to me means interesting color combos for a baby hat that looks, I don't know, South American or something?? Help me out here...I do like the stripes and that notchy long stitch that makes it look like a knit cap. A small hook and light yarn helps in that regard, too. Anyway, here's the etsy item, and click hereto get the instructions on making a simple baby pom pom. One suggestion: trim your pom pom over a box or a bag, it helps! Ha!
Have a super day and thanks for looking!

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