Friday, April 20, 2012

Rosettes and Hearts in Crochet

I'm crazily working on these scarfettes, totally obsessed! Here is a collection of them on Etsy I love making a tiny motif puffy and stout! The rosettes edged in black are so floppy and swirly I love them.

I've also been working more in cotton and even cotton thread for summer, but I'm wanting to avoid old fusty ideas and tiny tiny crochet hooks. We need that like a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (or crochet hook), right? So thread with big hooks is what I'm thinking....

It's hard to know what to crochet when summer comes, so I switch to appliques and tiny things, purses and flowers. Show me what you've been working on and have a super day!

Here are my various patterns on Amazon's Kindle Store, including this new one....when you see my patterns as Kindle documents, they're smaller in format and they're unable to be printed out, so I sell them more cheaply than the larger printable versions on my Etsy Crochet pattern store . 

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