Monday, April 2, 2012

Tiny Bird Collection on Sale for 99 cents!

My birds, so dear to my bitty heart, are now on Amazon. At least three of them are, chosen from my Animals collections. The Dove, Winged Bird, and Small bird are gathered together in this special Amazon kindle e-booklet for just 99 cents!

Here you can see the item on Amazon. 
And here are all of my Amazon patterns!


  1. How exciting for you! :D I love your little birds, but for some reason I just can't seem to get the long crochet stitches to come out nicely. I've been crocheting for 37 yrs., so I thought it would be easy. LOL

  2. Hello I am Shari and new to your blog.. this is so cute and sweet.. love it. nice work. Shari

  3. Thanks so much!! : ) I certainly do appreciate the support!

  4. Gramma Rita, it definitely is a skill that needs one or two birds for practice, ha! The key is tension...if you yarn over and pull that working thread up to make the long post, you have to have it tight enough to finish up the stitch. The tension of your working thread is the job of that poor little old pinkie or middle finger of the less dominant hand, for me the left one. Good luck. Did you find the video that shows it?

    1. I haven't checked out the video, but I really should. I'm hoping it's not a long video though...I'm on satellite and limited bandwidth. Perhaps one of these days I'll sit down and practice so I can get that long crochet stitch to come out nicely. :)