Saturday, October 9, 2010

And another Fall Mum in Crochet

What is it about all that big fresh pile of petals in a mum that makes you feel like smashing your face in it and rubbing it with your nose? I've always loved the way that kids smell a flower, just like that. No delicacy, no fastidiousness, just pure abandon...smoosh your little nose into the bouquet of blooms and luxuriate. No worries for the present about bees, just inhale their smell and enjoy the moment. Wish I could always feel like that  Here's the newest mum pattern, by the way :

Not that mums smell so wonderful, they're usually pretty bland. But the glowing colors in their recesses are fascinating, and I tried to make a humble and homey replica in crochet. Hah! There's the more colorful of the two, in the picture above.

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