Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crocheted Heirloom from a Barn

Wow, how appropriate that my crochet workspace should be covered with this lovely old tablecloth. I was at a yard sale where Dad found 3 original watercolors and an ink drawing, all covered with dirt....I found this tablecloth (actually, it's probably a bedspread) hanging on a tree. It was extremely dirty. I mean extremely. It smelled like a horse, and Scott said two fleas jumped on him when I put it in the car.

When I got home I threw it in a tub and soaked it with various non-chlorine bleaches and detergents. As soon as the water hit the cloth, it smelled like I had Mr. Ed standing in a washtub in my kitchen. I wouldn't have been surprised if the thing had moooed or nickered, it stunk! The water was dark brown. Washed it again, again dark brown water. Unbelievably, it actually got pretty clean, only a couple of stains...and what a lovely heirloom. Someone's grammy made this, and I'm sorry it's not in their family anymore, but mine is enjoying it.

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