Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cardinal Cutie and Tiny Birds with Wings to Crochet

These ones just invented themselves, I can't figure it out. I see a design in my head, and sometimes I try 5 times and the thing just looks strange or goofy or lumpy. Then I try a different idea, a different animal...and it looks snappy and right on the first try. Not to brag, but I think this one looks snappy. Hope you like it! Here it is on etsy: Cardinal It's such a delight to play all day and poke around etsy all night. Show me your crafty stuff and have a lovely day full of stitches!


  1. Okay -- you are killing me! LOL. Do you ever sleep????? These are just too great. Along with the little black purse and the mums and the....

  2. Not much! Will burn out soon, I guess...