Monday, October 4, 2010

Dr. Seuss-Inspired Birdies to Crochet

I love Dr. Seuss birds, and these remind me of Mayzie and pals. I'm having a blast designing appliques that are easy to do, and putting them on my etsy store . So cool to sit down and show my fave hobby, and have it be the basis for a store, too. Etsy is that great for crafters and designers, may it have a long and fabulous future.

More Mayzies and Gertrudes and maybe even a Horton coming up.... Cheerio!

I'd like to invite you to look at my patterns and odds and ends on etsy and also at the Instruction Page of my website. I'm also a watercolor and oil painter, and you could take a peek at my more snooty stuff at Thanks for looking!

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