Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Maybe Reshoot this

Well, I like the hat, and the girl is beautiful (Thank you, Shannon), but the photographer needs to get a clue. Am trying to get some better shots and finish writing up this pattern. It's a blast, so cheerful and silly. I was told that browns and turquoise were the thing, so Mom needs to redo the yellow, too! It will be on my pattern  store soon, and you can look there for lots of animal ornaments, a crocheted snail, a cute sleeping kitty ornament, several crocheted birds, some baby crochet, and of course, my beloved crocheted snowflakes.

If you want to see more flower patterns, check out this item and you can see my art at . Thanks for looking!


  1. Love the flower. Is it a new pattern? Will you be listing it also?

  2. Thanks!! It's one of my big mums, I'll put it on a post... so much fun. It's a little floppy and uncontrollable, but it's some of the fun of it. It's one of my patterns on etsy. : )