Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Awesome Tree Cozy

I don't know if this crochet tree sweater is still there; this picture is quite old but SO AWESOME!!

Here's a link to the explanation, I believe from 2006: Tree Cozy What a delightful project! I wonder if I could be so dedicated, knowing that my sweater would mold and fall apart. How in the world to install this thing?

I love the topic of crochet art, because my hobby of crochet becomes more and more absorbing. I've been toying with ways to "paint" with crochet, and have been admiring the crochet art that is out there. Fascinating!

In the meantime, I guess today is a painting day. I have a wonderful project involving a squirrel, heaven, a virgin, and a hawk. Mysterious, yes? I hope I can do it justice. Etsy buyers who commission art are the best, what a privilege to live in a country where you can do art, the thing which brings the most delight, and make (even a paltry) wage. I know heaven will be like this, without the death and disease and all that. Hah!

I don't know if God dresses the trees in sweaters in heaven, but I do know that he loves it when Carol Hummel does.

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thanks for looking!!

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