Friday, November 19, 2010

The Only Place to get my CD and besides who EVER heard of a crochet CD?

Yeah, I love ebay, unless it happens to be kicking my butt at the moment. It has most definitely kicked my arty butt, and discouragement over no views/$25 art sales have driven me elsewhere.

BUT it's pretty cool to sell your artistic instructional ebooks on lulu and ebay, (check out my Ebay Crochet CD ) not to mention on etsy. Etsy lets you sell and email pdf files alone; ebay only lets you advertise pdf ebook sales as classified ads. So, I put a classified ad up on ebay for the crochet ebook portion of my website: crickets. To paraphrase my youngest.

You pay $10 for a month-long ad and you get 6 views for an item that gets lots of views and bids when it's a live auction. End of Ebay classified ad experiment.

So I figure that I'll sell the pdf ebooks on ebay by selling an actual data CD with the files on it....not too hard, and it is something that ebay allows. You can see one of my CDs in the links. Seems to get pretty good attention, the views do come and go: like any other web-based selling format, you need to babysit, list often, chat in the forums, and blog. Why can't the world just come stampeding to my door, impatient crochet hooks in hand? (Actually that sounds really really scary). But, the world being what it is, putting those ebooks on ebay in CD form might not be too bad. I'll have to see.

There's also lulu, and the website, and etsy, and if all else fails, serving up fries at McDonalds. Hah! The only other thing in this town I think I'm suited for!

Blessings to all, and go write your ebook about how you create deconstructionist art from dead bugs and dryer lint, then apply for grants! Do it!

Helpfully yours, Susan
Ebay Crochet CD

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