Thursday, November 4, 2010

My 3-6 month Newsboy....whew! Coming soon in Hot Pink and Gold!!

This little darling was a labor of love, for a friends' baby...and I must say, I was happy with how it turned out. It's more like a Greek Fisherman's Cap than a Newsboy, but both have that poochy shape and the bill. I put a decorative chain stitch across the band in lieu of a detachable band, and am SO VERY PROUD of my baby-safe faux "button" on the top. If baby chews it, it just ravels and shreds at worst, because it's crocheted right onto the cap, not formed and then sewn on.

Only a 3-6 month size right now, am working on two other sizes and hope to expand the pattern's utility by that....that's why it's only $2.50 right now. Hah!
You can see the pattern here:
Newsboy Hat on Etsy

And if you'd like, you can check out all of my small project patterns at

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