Friday, November 12, 2010

Treasury of Christmas Themes

Oooh, I'm in a treasury, All about Christmas what cool company I'm keeping! I was hoping to design a few more nature-based snowflakes before the holidays were upon up, but this little group of seven might have to be it. I'm not understanding the etsy treasury thing, do you have to be a particular kind of seller to be a curator?

Love Etsy. After beating my head against a wall in ebay for 10 years, I've finally given up and switched to etsy. It's still nothing but crickets in the etsy art store, but I'm going to keep trying to give it a shot. Much younger and artier a clientele , from what I can tell.

I'll have to show everyone the latest oil painting commission I'm working on, it is the most wonderful ever. It's my client's view of animals in heaven, and is a dream to paint. She prepped the canvas with lots and lots of gesso, lots of sanding, and I can't believe how nice it is to work on! Way way too absorbent, but so wonderfully smooth for blending. I've gotten the gesso back out to have more fun with it, instead of my usual readymade canvas routine.

Here's my crochet pattern collection: Susan's Crochet and it also has a watercolor e-book. You can also check me out at and at

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